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ESL 099/100: Developing a Topic

This guide provides assistance to ESL students who are working on a persuasive paper for ESL 099/100. Pick a topic, brainstorm, find inspiration, and search for sources.

How to Pick a Topic

Write What You Know

A topic familiar to you will be easier and more fun, but a topic that you have interest in discovering more about can be rewarding as well. Here are some suggestions to help you think of a topic:

  • What are you interested in?
  • Think about your personal and work experience
  • Look at the table of contents of professional journals, newspapers and textbooks
  • Check out Wikipedia
  • Flip through an encyclopedia from our Reference Collection
  • Browse the Internet
  • Talk to your friends, classmates, instructor or librarian
  • Develop a conceptual mind map...Brainstorm!

For our persuasive papers, see the blue link below titled "101 Persuasive Essay Topics." 

How to Brainstorm Your Writing

Choose Three Potential Topics

Choose your topics and fill out this table.

Persuasive Question Yes and Why No and Why


Finding Inspiration

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