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Asian American Identity

Resources on Asian American Idenitity

What does Asian American mean?

This term was coined by activist and scholar Yuji Ichioka in the 1960s. Ichioka's intention was to create more solidarity among people that were from Asia or had Asian ancestry because of the hostility and discrimination they faced. However, this can also be considered a term that provokes Asian stereotypes, censors how one self-identifies, and excludes others from the continent of Asia that do not fit into the dominant culture’s stereotypical definition of what an Asian American is/looks like. Asia encompasses over 4 billion people from 48 countries and various religions. It is important to understand what it means when we use that term and what it means for the person we apply that term to. Use this guide as a starting point to learn about the various Asian American ethnicities in the United States. You will find books (print and electronic), videos, articles, and off-campus resources. There will also be information about courses at Shoreline Community College that focus on Asian cultures and history.

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