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Stable Links: Login Page Address

This guide will cover proxy prefixes and the use of building URLs that will work for both on campus and off campus users within the Shoreline Community College information systems. The information here reflects the changes being made to our certificates

eBooks, Articles, and More

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Address for Library Resources

How Do I Fix My Links From Before May 2019?!

The short answer is; it depends. This guide is here to help you figure out how to create links to library resources that work for students both on and off campus. Keep in mind that just because a link is working for you on campus, doesn't mean a student or instructor off-campus can use it to get access. 

Links Should Look Like:

The URL prefix should be and in some cases the website will have already added this for you when you grab the permalink from the article or ebook sharing page. 

Links Should Not Look Like:

When you notice numbers in the prefix, it is a hint that the link is incorrect and will not work for off-campus users. When you correct a link, you will want to do it at the asset level in LibGuides to prevent future issues with the same link. 



Streaming Films

What About Films?

The linking process for streaming films will be different. Please see the "Streaming Films" tab of this guide.

Forwarding URLs

What About Forwarding URLs?

Some resources do not require a prefix to be added to the beginning of the link like Kanopy and Gale eBooks. These providers are essentially bouncing the links back and forth so that you can't see the true URL. Don't worry about adding or altering anything. Just copy the link as is from the resource and share.

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