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Listening Tree Project (Zale): Human Rights Organizations

Compassionate listening and the listening tree project is a topic we have on the library guides because Instructor Zale has provided research information about this project.


An Inter-governmental Organization or IGO is "an organization whose members are the governments of different countries... Inter-governmental organizations are either global, meaning open to every country, such as the United Nations, or regional, meaning open only to states in a particular geographic region, such as the OAS in the Western Hemisphere."
(Cartwright and Conde 128)

A Non-governmental Organization or NGO is "a not-for-profit association of people working for the promotion and protection of human rights in either a general (all human rights) or a special (specific, focused on certain human rights issues) focus. NGOs may be local, national, regional, or international..."
(Cartwright and Conde 160)

Definitions from: Cartwright, Rita Cantos and H. Victor Conde. Human Rights in the United States: A Dictionary and Documents. Santa Barbara, Calif. ABC-CLIO, 2000. NetLibrary. Web. 14 Jan. 2011.


Human Rights Organizations: Inter-governmental Organizations (IGOs)

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