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Shoreline Community College History: Ray Howard Library History

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As a center of education in the community for over fifty years, Shoreline Community College Library is taking a look back to reflect on its founding history.

Resources on the Ray Howard Library


The Ray Howard Library was one of the first buildings constructed on Shoreline Community College Campus in 1964. To celebrate 50 years of Ray Howard working for the Shoreline School District they wanted to name a building after him. They chose to name the Shoreline Community College Library the Ray W. Howard Library / Media Center. This was due to the prominence of Howard. He helped establish not only the Shoreline Community College but the Shoreline School District as a whole. In this article, they describe the library as a fitting location to celebrate Ray Howard. This is because it is the "heart of all tangible assets" of the college, where Howard had the pinnacle of his career. Seen here is the school newspaper, the Ebbtide, which covered the renaming. Read to learn more!


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Who was Ray W. Howard?

"Dr. Howard might best be summarized as a visionary, scholar, leader, driver, teacher, student, perfectionist, politician, listener, and doer. He had undeterred resolve for envisioned results."

Ray Howard was tasked as a Superintendent with "building one of the best K-12 School Districts in Washington State" in 1949. He has a strong belief in individuals' ability to grow and learn. He was very engaged with his community and staff, believing such connections made for strong teamwork and success for the district. He had a hands-on approach, stepping in to lead as both Shoreline High and Shoreline Community College Principle at their start to ensure they were to have a successful start. 


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Updated May 2022

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