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Bio-Expo 2020: Welcome!

Shoreline Community College 

2020 BioExpo


Dear Shoreline BioExpo Partners and Participants,

As the college continues to respond to the COVID-19 virus, it is our utmost priority to keep our community safe. Given the uncertainty of the situation, It is with thoughtful consideration that Shoreline Community College has decided to cancel the 2020 Shoreline BioExpo.

Thank you all for your dedication to this project and we look forward to working with you in 2021.


Shoreline Community College BioExpo Planning Team

In this award-winning BioExpo program, over 300 high school students from the Seattle area are paired with scientist advisors to create projects in biotechnology and biomedicine.

While projects must address biological themes, they can be entered in categories as diverse as music, drama, molecular modeling, and creative writing.  The research category showcases the work of future scientists and encourages science careers.

Participants make connection with the scientific community and can have the opportunity to realize how research connects to their own lives and interests.  Surveys of Expo participants indicate that students are more likely to see the connection between science and their own interests as a result of participating in the Expo.

Why Become Involved?

  • Enjoy the satisfaction of being involved in your community by supporting local teachers and schools
  • Knowing that you have made a difference in the life of a young person
  • Gain recognition in the community for your dedication to science education
  • Help build a strong future workforce by encouraging young people to pursue science careers

How to Get Involved

  • Pre-register class with BioExpo Manager (
  • Distribute Category Requirements to students
  • Submit electronic copies of students’ project to SCC on or before April 19, 2020


  • Registration is now OPEN.  See link below.
  • $30 Registration Fee (waived for those in need)
  • Great opportunity to support science education
  • Two-day commitment
    • May 6, 2020  for pre judging meeting
    • Day of Expo – May 15,2020
  • Contact BioExpo Manager (
  • Great opportunity to help shape the next generation of scientists
  • Commitment
    • You will be pair with a student
    • Mentor as much as you like through email, in person at your work site, or both
  • Contact BioExpo Manager (
  • One-day commitment
    • on the day of the event
  • Contact BioExpo Manager (


For more information, please contact:

Uyen Lao

BioExpo Manager

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