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Good Reads: Reading for Pleasure

Learn all about our Good Reads collection in the Ray Howard Library--a collection of award winners and bestsellers to read for pleasure in order to expand your mind!

TED Talk: How Books Can Open Your Mind

Bu, L. (2013 February). How books can open your mind [Video]. TED

There are a number of additional benefits to reading for pleasure. Rane-Szostak and Herth (1995) found that those who regularly read books, magazines, or even newspapers scored lower on loneliness scores. While these habits of reading are established in young adulthood (Greaney & Hegarty, 1987), engaging college students in reading for pleasure may increase their life satisfaction while improving their education. It is also possible that understanding academic material may act as another potential motivator and reinforcer of reading for pleasure. (College Student Journal, 2009)

Why Read for Fun? Enjoying Recreational Reading.

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