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Land Acknowledgement for Shoreline Community College: What is a Land Acknowledgement?

By noting the indigenous tribes that dwell and have culturally imbued the location of the college, we are sending a powerful message of respect towards the Coast Salish Peoples, in particular the Duwamish tribe.

What is a Land Acknowledgment?

Why Do We Need Land Acknowledgement?

"Tribal nations negotiated government to government, preserving their sovereign land, rights, and privileges through treaties. When land wasn’t ceded through good faith efforts, it was often stolen from our Indigenous relatives."

"OUR LAND ACKNOWLEDGMENT STATEMENT." (n.d.). Native Governance Center. Retrieved May 10, 2021, from

What is a Land Acknowledgment

An Indigenous Land or Territorial Acknowledgement is a statement that recognizes the Indigenous peoples who have been dispossessed from the homelands and territories upon which an institution was built and currently occupies and operates in. For some, an Indigenous Land or Territorial Acknowledgement might be an unfamiliar practice, but it is a common protocol within Indigenous communities in the United States and is a standard practice in both Australia and Canada. The terms “Land” and “Territorial” are not necessarily interchangeable, and the decision as to their use should be specific and local, pertaining to those Indigenous people who are being acknowledged as well as to those legacies and responsibilities of an institution that are also being acknowledged. 

Garcia, F. (2018). Guide to Indigenous Land and Territorial Acknowledgements for Cultural Institutions. New York University.

What Do I Include in a Land Acknowledgement?

"Often, territory acknowledgements are concise, along the lines of: “I want to acknowledge that we are on the traditional territory of [nation names].” Some people may also mention the name of a local treaty. Some may learn the language and speak a few words in it."

Jones, A. (2021). Territory Acknowledgement. Native Land Digital.

Land Acknowledgement Toolkit

"Beyond Awareness: Deepening Understandings of Land Acknowledgement Practices" Created by Luhui Whitebear, PhD, Kobe Natachu, Roman Cohen, Alicia Duncan & Charlene Martinez, Oregon State University

Articles, Guides, and Opinion Pieces about Land Acknowledgement

Below are Some Articles That Discuss Land Acknowledgments

We can learn about how Land Acknowledgements are making a difference in the presence and awareness of indigenous people that consider these lands their home. It's a wonderful way to learn about how other institutions and organizations have incorporated the statement of Land Acknowledgement in their physical and virtual spaces.


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