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Automotive : Research Materials

Car and automotive repair and technician training for General Motors (ASEP), Honda (PACT), Toyota (T-TEN), General Service Technician (GST), Electric Services Technician (TESLA), Automotive Services Technician (AAAS), Mopar Program (MoparCAP) reference ma


Research Materials for Automotive

Automotive research is a specialty research area and requires skills such as using online databases and specialty materials for each vehicle. Some cars have up to date diagrams and illustrations while others require the mechanic to find companion research.

Automotive Materials

How Can the Library Help Me as an Automotive Technician?

  • The library offers database access to repair/diagnostic/part information for hundreds of current and vintage makes and models. These electronic database subscriptions are intended not only to help automotive students learn more about repairing vehicles, but also about learning how to use databases which many car employers expect technicians to know how to use. 
  • Getting a passing score on the certification exams is a high priority for our students, so the library purchases ebooks, print books, and other training materials such as practice tests that can help our technicians prepare for certification exams. 
  • The business databases which have a specific business and product field where you can get granular with your search can help technicians stay updated on automotive trends in your specialty.

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Automotive Databases

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