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ENGL& 113 Intro to Poetry (Oldham) : Seattle Literary Venues

Introduction to Poetry (Oldham)

Performance Poetry

Places to see/hear local poets perform their work, and possibly perform your own. Slams, contests, open mics, etc.

Unfortunately, many of these links are out of date. I will try to update them as I find newer info. If you have suggestions, please let me know!

Other Stuff

Other venues for literary arts, not easily classified...

Author events, readings and the like

There are lots of places around town to see published authors read from their works, get their autographs on their books, and possibly even meet and chat with them a bit about their work. I've listed a few below. If you have suggestions for more, let me know!


Seattle has an impressive national reputation for its live theater. Here are a few of the many places around town you can see plays performed live.

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