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Collection Development Guidelines

Collection development guidelines defines a library's plan for adding and removing materials.



The Ray Howard Library @ Shoreline Community College welcomes gifts to the collection so that the College may better serve the curricular needs of its students, faculty and staff.

1.      In-kind gifts of books, videos, CDs, etc., may be made directly to the Ray Howard Library, and cash gifts can be made either directly to the College or to the Shoreline Community College Foundation (in both instances with the money to be earmarked for the Library/Media Centers).




2.      Gifts are accepted with the understanding by the donor that specific gifts may or may not be added to the collection. Each gift is evaluated for its suitability to the collection according to the criteria that are explained under "Policies and Procedures for the Selection of Materials." In addition to these criteria, gifts will also be evaluated for inclusion after considering the following: 1) Space available in the collection; 2) Duplication of materials already owned; 3) Physical condition of item; 4) The media format of the item; 5) Costs associated with processing and/or repairing the item.




3.      Once a gift has been accepted by the Ray Howard Library, any gifts donated to the library become the property of the Shoreline Community College Foundation, and will not be returned to the donors. Gift books are added to the collection using the same criteria as new materials. Any gifts that are not added to the collection will be disposed of according to Washington State law. 




4.      Gifts are accepted with the understanding on the part of the donor that the Ray Howard Librarydoes not create special collection areas for the housing of gifts. Gifts are usually placed within the collection according to their subject classification.




5.      The Ray Howard Library will acknowledge all gifts to donors with a letter listing materials received. The Ray Howard Library will publicly acknowledge gifts only with the permission of the donor. Gifts may be marked with identification indicating the name of the donor only with the donor's approval.




6.      Unsolicited materials received through the U.S. Mail will be handled according to the U.S. Code, Title 39, Postal Service, Section 30009 relating to the mailing of unordered merchandise.   Mailed in violation of this law, the materials will be considered as a gift by the College, and will be disposed with at the discretion of the Ray Howard Library with no financial obligation whatsoever to the sender.


Updated 5/1/13



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