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KCLS for College Students

How to access KCLS resources available to students

Student access to KCLS resources

To use your student account to access online resources through KCLS go to

kcls homepage<



Do not use the Log in/ My KCLS account button on the navbar.

Go to Online Library and choose the subject or format of resource you are looking for from the dropdown menu.

kcls online library dropdown menu



Click on the name of the resouce you wish to access.

kcls databases page


Log in with your library card number and PIN.

kcls database  page

Your library card number is SCC followed by your student ID number.

Your library card PIN is the last four numbers of your ID number.

For example, if your ID number were 123456789,

your library card number would be: SCC123456789

and your PIN would be: 6789.



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