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Origins Project: Lineup

Informational about the Origins Project

ORIGINS: True Tales of the Immigrant Experience
Written, Directed, and Performed by Shoreline Community College Students

Line Up

  • What If You Were Me? - written & performed by Hary Randrasana

The experience of a 17 years old young man leaving his country for the first time.

  • The Power of Three - written & performed by Timothy Harrison

Tim shares is his adoption story of coming to the U.S. from Iran and overcoming the challenges of his journey through the love of his parents.

  • The Girl Beside the River - written, starred, directed by Mary Wang

The Girl Beside a River tells the uplifting story of Ellen, an orphan from China who was adopted by Americans and immigrated to America. Ellen navigates difficulties faced by her peers due to her being of Chinese descent and her parents being lesbians, overcoming it all by concentrating on her studies and pursuing her dreams, heading towards a bright future as a moving dot without origin. As immigrants, we came to America, seeking a better life. Regardless of where we were born, which country we came from, and what kind of family we were born into, we can always choose where we want to end up through hard work and determination.

  • Displaced - written & directed by Hailey Bunn

In our ever-evolving world, what it means to be an American immigrant has never been more diverse. Now, the focus is narrowed to reflections of 19 year old Somali – Seattleite, Halima Ali. They present to you the underground stories, struggles, and smiles that come with gaining citizenship only 5 years ago, through the lens of artist and best friend, Hailey Bunn.

  • My Experience in the US during COVID-19 - written, starred, directed by Yentzu Liu

The excitement and new experience of SCC in Seattle. After the occurrence of  COVID-19, my mood and life changed again. The whole process creates a special and unforgettable experience of studying abroad. 

  • Princess for a Week - directed by Gal Lovette & Nicole Dempsey; written by & starring Gal Lovette; edited & produced by Nicole Dempsey

Gal Lovette shares her story of connecting with her father's side of the family in Cambodia, the experience of feeling loved and being a part of an important cultural event.

  • I Am Someone - written & directed by Catherine Nawany-Dunlap

Professional dancer Catherine Nawany-Dunlap, shares her talent and her story of being an artist in Uganda and the United States.

  • "el norte" - directed & written by Natasha Mann, edited & produced by Nicole Dempsey

This short mini-documentary is about diversity in immigration. There are many different reasons to migrate. People come from all over the world hoping for a better life, a better future. Unfortunately, not all immigrants are treated equally. This is a swift peek at the life of four immigrants.

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