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About the Library: Know Before You Go

This is a combination of library rules and campus guidelines that are enforced in the library.

Accessible Spaces and Shelves

Automatic Entrance Doors

There are buttons that operate our front doors to allow easy access for those using assistive devices. 

Accessible Restrooms

There is a single room, non-gendered restroom on the first and second floor of the 4000 building. The gendered restrooms have one wheelchair accessible stall. 

Spaces and Shelving

Please let us know if you encounter an area in the library that is difficult for you to move in. We are happy to help you get a book from the shelf if there is something out of reach. 


The 4000 building has three floors that can be accessed by using the elevator. If the elevator button does not call the elevator, it may be set for use with a key which can be asked for at the front desk. 

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