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About the Library: Know Before You Go

This is a combination of library rules and campus guidelines that are enforced in the library.

How to Print at Shoreline Community College

Print in the Library

Students cannot print from the computers or mobile devices at this time. 

USB Drive 

The library has one device that allows printing via USB drive (thumb drive, USB stick, flash drive, memory drive). You may bring in a USB drive or borrow one of ours to use with the printer. The printer creates black and white or color printouts. There is currently no limit. 

To Print in the Library:

  1. Save your print job as a PDF document
  2. Transfer the document to a USB drive 
    1. If you don't have a USB drive, bring your laptop to the library to use ours.
    2. You may also check out a USB drive to take home
  3. Find the Ricoh Printer/Copier/Scanner on the opposite side of the counter
  4. Plug in your USB drive and choose Print
  5. Select "Print from memory storage device" on the touch screen
  6. Select the image of a USB drive on the touch screen
  7. Select your job from the list of items on the USB drive
  8. Select "Start printing" from touchscreen 
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