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Setting up the Kanopy App on your own device when you are on-campus

If your laptop, tablet or smartphone will not play a Kanopy film, you may need to download the Kanopy app and navigate to the film from within the app.

To set up the app and play a video on your device:

1. Go to the Google Play or Apple store and download the Kanopy app.

2. Create a free account. Use your Shoreline email address if you can. You may need to use another device to verify and activate your account.

Kanopy Log In

3. Log into the Kanopy app with the account you just made

Kanopy Sign in

4. Click on Memberships (in the upper right corner) and search for Shoreline Community Library and select it.

5. To use closed captions go to Settings and enable captions.

Closed Captions

6. Ignore the message that says "Your library hasn't made any videos in this category available to its patrons." 

your library hasn't made videos available

7. Go to the navbar and choose documentaries from the dropdown menu.

Documentaries screenshot

8. Search for the film you want, select it, and play.

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