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Tree Campus: Bluebunch Wheatgrass

Tree Campus SCC is a multi-year and interdisciplinary college initiative to document, map, and celebrate the incredible diversity of trees planted on the campus. With over 200 species, Shoreline Community College is an arboreal paradise that deserves to b


Bluebunch Wheatgrass

Pseudoroegneria spicata (POACEAE)



Mountainous Western USA



"Bluebunch wheatgrass is considered one of the most important forage grass species on western rangelands for both livestock and wildlife. Bluebunch wheatgrass does not generally provide sufficient cover for ungulates, but the communities are well used when there is appropriate cover nearby." [1]


Equity: Cultural and Historical Significance

Bluebunch Wheatgrass is the state grass of Montana, Oregon, and Washington.



"Bluebunch wheatgrass can be used for native hay production and will make nutritious feed, but is better suited to grazing use. Bluebunch wheatgrass is palatable to all classes of livestock and wildlife. It is preferred forage for cattle and horses year-round, but it is considered coarse in summer...

It does not compete well with aggressive introduced grasses. Its drought tolerance, combined with extensive root systems and good seedling vigor, make this species ideal for reclamation in areas receiving 10 to 20 inches annual precipitation" [2]




[1] Zlatnik, Elena. 1999. Pseudoroegneria spicata, bluebunch wheatgrass. In: Fire Effects Information System,. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Fire Sciences Laboratory (Producer). Available: /database/feis/plants/graminoid/psespi/all.html.

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