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Tree Campus: Using This Guide

Tree Campus SCC is a multi-year and interdisciplinary college initiative to document, map, and celebrate the incredible diversity of trees planted on the campus. With over 200 species, Shoreline Community College is an arboreal paradise that deserves to b

How To Use This LibGuide

Plants on this LibGuide are organized in two different ways. First, you can find them in alphabetical order by common name under the "Plants" dropdown menus. They are labeled the way you would say them in conversation, so that "Douglas Fir" is labeled as such, not as "Fir, Douglas."

Second, because there are often many common names for a single species, we have also created a list of plants grouped by family and alphabetized by genus and species under the Plant Guide Latin Names List. If you know one common name for a plant, but it's not listed under that name, search for the Latin name for that plant and then look it up under the Plant Guide Latin Names List to find where it's listed here.

We see our trees as a learning opportunity. If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact one of the SCC faculty members listed on the Project Leaders page. We are excited to have student volunteers. We see these plants as being part of student life on this campus. This is a great opportunity to gain research experience in a variety of interdisciplinary fields. We are also excited to integrate coursework with this project, so faculty interested in finding out how to feature student work on this LibGuide are encouraged to get in touch as well!

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