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Tree Campus: Project Leaders

Tree Campus SCC is a multi-year and interdisciplinary college initiative to document, map, and celebrate the incredible diversity of trees planted on the campus. With over 200 species, Shoreline Community College is an arboreal paradise that deserves to b

Description Of The Project


Campus Tree Inventory: Our horticulturists have identified well over 200 plant species. We have also collaborated with Lushootseed language experts to identify indigenous names of local plants where possible. The Tree Campus volunteers have now created over 200 permanent signs and are in the process of installing them around campus.


Online Database and QR codes: We are housing this under the library’s website as a LibGuide page. All signs have a basic plant page on the Tree Campus LibGuide. More new signs and basic plant pages are on the way. We envision that student research on our campus plant collection, either done for classes or as independent projects, will eventually supplement or replace these basic plant pages. These pages can contain student photography, scientific research, creative arts, and more. Faculty and students are encouraged to contribute! See the Get Involved tab for details.


Permanent Signage: We have created permanent signs for over 200 plant species, with more on the way. These signs include common, Latin, family, and Lushootseed names where possible. They also contain brief range descriptions and a QR code that connects to the LibGuide for the plant. This makes it easy for viewers to find scholarly information on each plant on their smartphone while touring the campus.


Maps/Tour Routes: We have divided the campus into zones, and have used GIS mapping to create the beautiful new maps of the campus botanical collection that are featured on this page. These maps can be viewed in larger size on the "Take a Tour" page. In the future, we will use these zones to design walking tours of the campus, creating a wonderful new feature for students, the broader Shoreline/Seattle educational community, and the neighborhood.


Campus Tree Care Plan: The SCC Facilities Department is responsible for tree selection, site preparation and planning, landscaping, invasive species management, tree pruning and removal, removing or contracting for removal of fallen trees, coordinating with new building projects to ensure preservation of green space, and protecting trees during construction.


Native Plant Restoration: As the project progresses, additional service-leaning service-learning and volunteer opportunities will be implemented, including native plant restoration.


SCC Plant Nursery Sale

Documentation and Integration: With her peer-reviewed publication "Collecting Shoreline's Tree Campus," SCC Librarian Lauren Bryant has led the way on describing our work to the public. This project involves building connections between Shoreline institutions, such as the library, facilities, classes, marketing, and administration. It also means integrating pre-existing Shoreline equity work, such as our inclusion of the SCC Land Use Acknowledgement.

SCC Faculty and Community Leaders

Name Background Primary Focus Contact
Lauren Bryant Categorization and Cataloging Documentation & Web Development
Chip Dodd SCC Professor of Geography GIS/mapping
Matt Loper SCC Professor of Biology Horticulture & GIS/mapping
Tim Payne SCC Professor of Economics and International Studies Project Manager

Present And Past Contributors

Name Background Contributions
Walt Bubelis Professor Emeritus, Horticulture, Edmonds College Horticulture
Victoria Sepulveda Student Graphic design for sign artwork
Benjamin Skubi Student/Contractor Campus tree inventory, online database/QR codes
Clarin Florentina Student Tree Campus USA award facilitation
Robert Hayden Community Member Horticulture and native plant restoration
Wei-Yu "Will" Liao Student Student leadership and field work
Leila Kopcic Student Mapping
Adria Magrath SCC Faculty Campus tree care planning
Phuoc "Anthony" Tang Student Student leadership and field work
Anthony Smith Student Mapping
Marek Wyzgowski SCC Faculty Field work
Kelsey Stuart Student Plant photography
Phuong "Fammi" Nguyen Student Database for project coordination
Ryan Aleinikoff  Student Field work

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