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Tree Campus: Noble Fir

Tree Campus SCC is a multi-year and interdisciplinary college initiative to document, map, and celebrate the incredible diversity of trees planted on the campus. With over 200 species, Shoreline Community College is an arboreal paradise that deserves to b


Noble Fir

Abies procera (PINACEAE)



Pac. NW to Northern California



"Noble fir provides cover and thermal protection for wildlife." [1]


Equity: Cultural and Historical Significance

"Noble fir brings a substantial price as a Christmas tree. It is also utilized as ornamental greenery.

Noble fir is also important in watershed protection." [1]



"The soft wood of noble fir is lightweight and has good form . It is the strongest wood of the true firs. The wood is suitable for light construction and pulping. High-quality noble fir wood is used for moldings, sash and door stock, venetian blinds, and veneer. The wood of noble fir is also a specialty wood used for ladder rails and airplane construction because of its high strength to weight ratio. Noble fir wood is exported to Japan for home building. [1]



[1] Cope, Amy B. 1993. Abies procera. In: Fire Effects Information System,. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Fire Sciences Laboratory (Producer). Available:

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